In a growing tourist town called Kadukode, known for its pristine natural beauty, an honest and diligent doctor named Abhay discovers a mysterious rise in mercury poisoning cases among the populace. What starts as a casual investigation into the source soon turns into a confounding, dangerous journey that brings him face-to-face with the true evil that presents itself as the saviour of the people.

Egged on by his friends Rahul and Sanjay, Abhay spends sleepless nights gathering irrefutable evidence for a scathing expose. But before he can blow the whistle and rip off the veil of darkness, the hunter becomes the hunted. He realises that the rabbit hole has only just begun. Will Abhay survive this unbreakable web of greed, corruption, smear campaigns, fake news and betrayal? Will he be able to wake up the town folk and his loved ones from the hypnotic grip of the false truth or will he himself succumb to this “Mithyam”?

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