The Players


 “I’m here because knowing the truth is your right. And telling the truth is mine.”

A honest, well-respected doctor in the small town of Kadukode. Abhay’s values and commitment to truth are put to the test when he discovers several cases of mercury poisoning and a conspiracy to cover it up.


“They will go to any length to put this away. They will bury you! After that, I won’t be able to help you.”

An influential member of the town elite and Abhay’s best friend. Rahul finds himself divided between his duty and Abhay’s safety.


“All you need is belief, unshakeable belief. Belief without doubt, without fear. And if you have the strength to have this kind of belief, then you can never be defeated.”

The mysterious leader of Mystic Valley, a hypnotherapy healing centre with a massive following. Dr. Joy gets embroiled in the storm surrounding Abhay’s discoveries, yet is still looking for an angle to leverage the situation to his benefit.


“These guys are very smart. That’s why you need to be smarter.”

A wedding planner and Abhay’s girlfriend. She matches Abhay step-for-step in his quest for justice and acts as his voice of reason.


“How many more people will have to die before we face the reality?!”

A dance instructor and Rahul’s wife. Stacy’s strong moral compass urges her to take action against injustice, yet she finds herself watching helplessly from the sidelines.


“Doc, you’ve got to be prepared for them. Because they’re going to come at you with all their guns blazing.”

The editor of local newspaper People’s Messenger. Sanjay plans to make the front page of his newspaper the medium for Abhay’s mercury poisoning expose.

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