The Team


Director, Producer

Raghu Naik hails from Bangalore in South India but has grown to be a world-citizen, working and living in cities like Mumbai (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Atlanta (USA) and towns like Belgaum and Pune in India. This exposure to diverse art, literature, culture and international films is what inspired Raghu to become a filmmaker. After leaving a lucrative, high-paying software job in Atlanta, Raghu moved to Mumbai in 2010 and joined a film school to professionally pursue his life-long passion for cinema. He hasn’t looked back since then, working as a freelance writer, director, producer and editor in the Indian film industry in Mumbai, and creating several award-winning short films, documentaries, web series and advertisements. “Mithyam” is Raghu’s first feature-length film as a director and is a labour of pure love and hard work.



Vinayak Naik comes with an impressive experience of over two-and-a-half decades of heading global business for technology companies. After having lived in many countries, Vinayak moved into the filmmaking world in the year 2013 with an ambition to create content that is of International quality in India. He, along with Raghu Naik, created a content bank with great stories for films and digital series with few selected writers. After having a good amount of content, he started Phi Motion Pictures in 2016. After producing his first digital series in 2018, Vinayak produced his first feature film “Mithyam” in 2022.

Team Mithyam

Ankit Varshneya as Dr. Abhay

Actor, teacher, casting director – Ankit has dabbled in every aspect of the art of Acting. After work ranging from films to YouTube sketches to serious theatre, Ankit now leads the talented cast of Mithyam.

Parivesh Padhy as Rahul

Parivesh has been an active part of the Hindi film industry for many years now, producing films and reality shows when not acting and modelling in front of the camera.

Geet Sagar as Dr. Joy

The multi-faceted Geet began his career by winning the Indian edition of X-Factor, and has since moved on to acting, playback singing and songwriting for films as well as live musical tours.

Gurleen Arora as Sakshi

Gurleen has extensively honed her art and skills working across various mediums, ranging from feature films and short films to web series, advertisements and numerous theatre plays.

Syscila Sampath as Stacy

Syscila has been professionally working as an actor for the last 4 years and as an international performing artist for over a decade, being a part of grand musical productions.

Vijay Krishna as Sanjay

Vijay has been working as a full-time actor for about 13 years while also training new talents with acting and movement. He has been in over 60 plays and 400+ shows.

Leah Khambata as Joanna

Leah is an actress, singer-songwriter and filmmaker who has worked across NYC, LA and London, acting in indies, working behind and in front of the camera, and performing her original songs at concerts.

Altamash Khan, Cinematographer

Altamash is a Cinematographer/Director from Mumbai, working in the field since 2013 and shooting for international channels since 5 years. He is known for his cinematic vision and creative use of technology to create unique compositions and narratively strong visuals.

Akash Prajapati, Music Composer

Akash is a Mumbai-based Music Composer/Producer, scoring extensively for background music of Feature Films, Web-Series & TV Ads for more than 6 Years.

Rakshit Thantry, Sound Designer

Rakshit is known for his keen grasp on storytelling through Sound Design and Background Score. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting in lifting the narrative through Creative Sounds.

Vishal Naik, Line Producer

Vishal was once a model by profession and has done various ramp shows. He is now a renowned photographer in Goa, and has branched out into ad commercials and Line Production in Goa.

Abhishek Sharma, Line Producer

Abhishek Sharma has been actively working in Mumbai since 2014 as a Writer, Producer, Editor and Assistant Director in both feature films and advertisements.

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